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Our videos are color coded so you know the content of the video before you click. The ultimate focus of the blog is to build a fully automated vodka still but we will be testing, and hopefully improving on, time-honored home distilling traditions, in an apartment setting, using modern day technology and best in class raw materials and ingredients.

  • [Orange] Distilling Process, Tasting, and Spirit Making
  • [Red] Equipment
  • [Blue] Wash Recipes and Fermentation
  • [Teal] Raspberry Pi Distilling Automation
  • [Brown] Cider and All Grain Beer (just a little)
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Joey Joe Joe Jr

I was born on a pirate ship off the coast of Peru where I was given a traditional Aztec upbringing, during which I excelled in the arts of sciences. At age seven my parents accidentally murdered each other in a freak fencing accident. Heartbroken I joined the tribe of Omaha, where I trained under the legendary Vin Diesel. At age eighteen, after a failed Fear Factor audition, I set out for a berry plantation roughly four kilometers south of Albuquerque. I currently reside at Ram Ranch which really rocks!


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