Sugar Wash Recipe Design #3

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Sugar Vodka

If you want to see the video from Sugar Wash Recipe Design #2 click on this link. This recipe is the same with a few slight differences. Only 1 to 2 gallons of hot water instead of 2.5 gallons (the amount of hot water will depend on the temperature of the hot water), and 12 grams of yeast instead of 15 grams. After mixing together everything with 1 gallon of hot water my final temperature came out to 20 C which is perfect pitching temperature for the yeast I’m using.

Sugar Wash Recipe for a 6-gallon batch:

  • 3.45 kg or 7 lbs 13 oz of sugar
  • ~23 grams of Superfood yeast nutrient (broken into 2 additions)
  • 12 drops of Ferm Cap S aka Antifoam (Optional)
  • SS Oxygen stone with O2 canister (Optional)
  • 12 grams of yeast – Pasteur Rouge by Red Star (datasheet here)


Add about 1 to 2 gallons of hot water to your fermentor. Add sugar, 1/2 the Superfood (the other half will be added 1/3 of the way through fermentation), then mix until sugar is fully dissolved. Top up with cold water to the 6-gallon mark. Mix and confirm the temp of the sugar wash agrees with your yeast’s recommendations for the pitching temperature. Add 12 drops of Antifoam and lightly bubble pure Oxygen for 1 minute. Hydrate the yeast by following the instructions on the package. Add hydrated yeast to the fermentor and half (about 12.5 grams) of yeast nutrient.

This recipe should yield a specific gravity of around 1.070. When the specific gravity is around 1.047 add the second half of yeast nutrient (about 12.5 grams). After fermentation is completed we should end up with about a 9-10% ABV sugar wine, perfect for distilling into vodka. We don’t want to go too high with the ABV as this can stress out the yeast and create off-flavors. This recipe will be used for pH control experiments.

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