Awe, Shucks. Oyster Prep 101 – Preparing Oysters for Sugar Wash

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Get oysters for Valentine’s Day. Shuck them. Eat them with your partner. Drink wine. Put them in your freezer and forget about them for months. Realize you have them, thaw them out, scrape off any oyster bits left behind, throw in a boiling pot of water for 15 minutes, do another scrape to get the last bits of oysterness off the shells. The last thing you want is your sugar wine smelling or tasting like seafood.

Once they are boiled they are sanitized and ready to be added to the fermenter to keep the pH at a level that the yeast like during fermentation. No more stuck fermentations.

Experimental results on oysters in sugar wash can be found on my pH experimental data blog post.

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