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Welcome to the Open Source Distilling project. Where time-honored traditions, meet modern-day technology. My goal is to get everyone excited about still automation by creating a collaborative community that shares their knowledge about programming and robotics.

I’m building my own custom still and decking it out with temperature probes, power controllers, and stepper motor-controlled needle valves. All of this technology and programming is available online for anyone interested in home distilling or for anyone who wishes to contribute ideas. I’ll be engaging the community through topics such as Python programming, 3D modeling, robotics, electric circuitry prototyping, and problem-solving.

Many distillers look to the past for inspiration, I’m looking to the future to inspire new creative ways of thinking about craft spirits. Join my adventure to bring age-old traditions into the 21st century.

Joey Joe Joe Jr.

Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo
Joey Joe Joe Jr
Founder & CEO & El Presidente & Gimoozaabi

I was born on a pirate ship off the coast of Peru where I was given a traditional Aztec upbringing, during which I excelled in the arts of sciences. At age seven my parents accidentally murdered each other in a freak fencing accident. Heartbroken I joined the tribe of Omaha, where I trained under the legendary Vin Diesel. At age eighteen, after a failed Fear Factor audition, I set out for a berry plantation roughly four kilometers south of Albuquerque. I currently reside at Ram Ranch which really rocks!