5 Gallon Bucket Dolly

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Wheels, man’s greatest invention. We would be a fool not to use them.

I always have a bucket of Starsan going. It gets refreshed from time to time, and probably gets used a few times a week between my different beer, cider, and distilling activities. I’ve dragged this full 5-gallon bucket in and out of my beer closet hundreds of times, and there will be hundreds of more times to come over the next years. Eventually, it’s going to damage the floor. Why not use a wheel?

In the below video I make a dolly using 3 wheels. I use this concept to space the wheels in this video here.

The new dolly works great! Sometimes it’s the small things…

Joey Joe Joe Jr

I was born on a pirate ship off the coast of Peru where I was given a traditional Aztec upbringing, during which I excelled in the arts of sciences. At age seven my parents accidentally murdered each other in a freak fencing accident. Heartbroken I joined the tribe of Omaha, where I trained under the legendary Vin Diesel. At age eighteen, after a failed Fear Factor audition, I set out for a berry plantation roughly four kilometers south of Albuquerque. I currently reside at Ram Ranch which really rocks!


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